Hudson R. DeYoe

Hudson R DeYoe, Ph.D.Hudson R. DeYoe, Ph.D.
SCSI 1.324
Office: (956) 665-3538


BIOL 1402 General Biology
BIOL 4398 Tropical Ecology
BIOL 4410 Marine Botany


Ph.D. Biology. Bowling Green State University. Bowling Green, Ohio. 1991.
M.S. Botany. University of Vermont. Burlington, VT. 1981.
B.S. Biology. Cornell University. 1977
Marine Biology. Southampton College, Southampton,  NY. 1973-7

Areas of Interest

Aquatic ecology, marine conservation and biology, seagrass-algal communities, human impacts on water quality.


The coastal waters of the United States are critically important yet heavily impacted due to man’s activities.  The severity of this impact will increase as coastal development proceeds.  The coastal waters of south Texas may be some of the least impacted in the nation but are threatened by explosive regional population growth.  To reduce or avoid impacts to south Texas coastal waters and ecosystems, it is necessary to have an adequate understanding of the ecosystems and the key organisms on which they depend.   

Research topics from last 10 years:

  • Long-term changes in water quality of the Lower Rio Grande (on-going)
  • Effects of the Arroyo Colorado on primary producers of the Laguna Madre (on-going)
  • Ecology and conservation of seagrasses in the Laguna Madre (on-going)
  • Stress physiology of seagrasses (on-going)
  • Restoration of the Bahia Grande ecosystem
  • Effects of sewage treatment plant effluent on the seagrass epiphyte community
  • Causes of the persistence of the Texas brown tide
  • Quantification of the importance of wind tidal flat cyanobacterial mat

Most Recent Publications

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