Christopher Taylor, Ph.D.

Christopher Taylor, Ph.D.

Christopher Taylor, Ph.D.
SCNE 3.128
Office: (956) 665-3537
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General Biology (BIOL 1402)
Biological Writing  (BIOL 3302)


Ph.D  1994. University of Oklahoma.

M.S.1988. Oklahoma State University.

B.S.1985. Oklahoma State University.

Areas of Interest

Aquatic Ecology, Ichthyology, Biogeography, Conservation.


My general approach to research is based on the fact that ecological systems are highly variable in space and time.  Thus,  I use a diverse set of quantitative tools and experimental designs depending upon the particular question being asked.  My research focus generally centers on how fish species and assemblages respond to disturbances.  Of particular interest to me are how modified flow regimes and habit fragmentation threaten freshwater biodiversity globally and affect native communities at varying spatial and temporal scales.

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