Departmental Committees (2017/2018)

Departmental Committees (2015-2016)
Committee Chair Members
Annual Evaluation (Faculty evaluation) Dr. Michael Persans All Biology Faculty
Tenure and Promotion Dr. Michael Persans All Biology Faculty
Post-Tenure Dr. Michael Persans All Biology Faculty
Curriculum Dr. Kathryn Perez Drs. McDonald, Wedig; Ms. Gun, Oliva
Search Dr. Matthew Terry Drs. Brush, Trant, Schenzel
Fees Dr. Michael Persans Drs. Gunn,  Lowe, Trant
Student Learning Outcome Dr. Cindy Wedig Drs. Faulkes, Ms. Gunn, Materon and McDonald
Undergraduate Curriculum & Assessment Dr. Kathryn Perez Drs. Ying Jia, McDonald, Wedig, DeYoe, Mathews, Brush, and Ms. Gunn
Graduate Program Dr. Zen Faulkes Drs. Brush, Farooqui, Persans, Keniry, Terry, Mustard, Vitek, Materon
Scholarship Dr. Cindy Wedig Drs. Wedig, Jia, Farooqui, Lowes, Summy, Trant
Space Dr. Scott Gunn Drs. Farooqui, Persans, Keniry, Materon,  Trant
Safety Dr. Daniele Provenzano Drs. Farooqui, Keniry, Banu, Ermolinsky
Publicity Dr. Luis Materon Drs. Gilkerson, McDonald, Torres-Avila
Outreach and Recruitment Dr. Luis Materon Drs. Torres-Avila, Keniry, Trant, Matthews, Schuenzel
Textbook Adoption Dr. Erin Schenzel All faculty teaching BIOL 1406/1407
Webmaster  Dr. Luis Materon