Drone Research: Experiential training in use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) technology for agriculture applications – USDA-NIFA-HIS

This project will include formal and "hands-on" educational and field (research)-based development of underrepresented Hispanic students towards their career objectives in agriculture or the biological sciences, a key function of the program. It is anticipated that knowledge and familiarity with bench and field-based UAS concepts and applications towards plant science/precision farming will be in high demand by the USDA, research institutions and the private sector in the near future. Because UAS applications will be highly diverse, students having completed this educational training will contribute strongly to the workforce. This project will also strongly enhance student opportunities for public speaking, technical writing, and professional growth and development through attendance and participation at research symposiums and/or regional/national professional conferences.

aerial photo captured by the drone. crops undergoing cover crop.

Aerial photo captured by student researchers.