Planning Committees

Scientific Program Planning Committee

  • Dr. Candace Robledo, Chair, Assistant Professor, Population Health and Biostatistics, SOM
  • Dr. Matthew Johnson, Immediate Past-Chair, Associate Professor, Department of Human Genetics, SOM
  • Dr. Andy Tsin, Associate Dean of Research, SOM
  • Ms. Sarah Miller, SOM Medical Student
  • Dr. Dae Kim, Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Science, SOM
  • Dr. Suad Ghaddar, Assistant Professor, Department of Health and Biomedical Sciences, College of Health Professions (COHP)
  • Dr. Beatriz Bautista, Clinical Associate Professor, School of Nursing
  • Dr. Lisa R. Trevino, Vice President of Research and Development, Doctors Hospital at Renaissance (DHR)
  • Ms. Cindy Salazar-Collier, MPH CHES, Time Texas Regional Coordinator
  • Dr. Juan Lopez Alvarenga, Assistant Professor of Research, Department of Human Genetics, SOM
  • Ms. Rose Timmer, Director of Healthy Communities in Brownsville

Event Planning Committee

  • Mr. Jorge Teniente, Chair, Director of Special Programs, ADR-SOM
  • Mrs. Veronica Vera, Immediate Past-Chair, Program Manager, ADR-SOM
  • Dr. Jennifer Cahn, Grant Research Officer, ADR-SOM
  • Mrs. Isabel Nicasio, Program Officer, ADR-SOM
  • Ms. Dorian Garcia, Finance Manager, Finance-SOM
  • Ms. Frances Garcia, Administrative Assistant, ADR-SOM
  • Mrs. Stephanie Sharpe, Access Services Librarian, SOM
  • Ms. Jennifer Berghom, Communications Coordinator, SOM
  • Ms. Elma Vega, Administrative Assistant, Dept. of Population Health & Biostatistics
  • Mr. Loren Clark, Program Manager, Dept. of Population Health & Biostatistics, SOM
  • Ms. Elizabeth Lim, SOM Medical Student