Scholarship Competitive Waiver

Non-residents of Texas, including citizens of another country who receive a competitive scholarship, may be eligible to pay the Resident Tuition and Mandatory Fee Rate.

To Qualify

A student must receive a scholarship of $1000 or higher (multiple qualifying scholarships cannot be combined to meet this amount).

Eligible male students must provide Selective Service registration or exemption from the requirement.

Additional Information

  • The competitive scholarship waiver starts the semester the scholarship is awarded through the end of the academic year, not to exceed 12 months.
  • There is no automatic renewal or continuation of the waiver. The student can receive the waiver in future semesters if another competitive scholarship is granted.
  • Competitive Scholarship waivers are offered in compliance with the number of waivers allowed by the State of Texas.
  1. Students complete a UTRGV scholarship application.
  2. An authorized Scholarship Committee set up by UTRGV identifies eligible students and awards scholarships competitively.
  3. The Scholarship Committee provides the names of students under consideration for the waiver and scholarship award information to the Scholarship Office.
  4. The Scholarship Office certifies that the student qualifies for the competitive scholarship waiver.
  5. Students can view Resident Tuition applied to account on ASSIST.

UTRGV follows the Competitive Scholarship Waiver requirements outlined in the Texas Education Code as found in the College For All Texans: Competitive Scholarship Waiver

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