Scholarships Application

Due to the generous contributions of corporations, foundations, organizations, and individual donations, these scholarships are awarded based on merit, need, and other various criteria. Recipients are selected on a competitive basis and awarded annually, divided equally between the Fall and Spring semesters.

These scholarships are open to all classifications (undergraduate and graduate), and most are available to all majors. Scholarships do not renew automatically, and students must reapply each year.

Each college has its own set of scholarships within the online scholarship application. Application information is provided to the corresponding department for their review and selection.

Priority is given to students who have not already received an institutional scholarship.

How to Apply

  1. Log in with your UTRGV Student Credentials at
  2. You will be matched to UTRGV and External Scholarships as you answer questions in the Questions tab.
  3. Review UTRGV and External Scholarships available in the Scholarships tab.
  4. Complete any Scholarship Applications available under the Applications tab.
  5. The scholarship application requires admission into a degree-seeking program. If you have not submitted your admission application, below are the links to apply.
    1. Undergraduate Programs:
    2. Graduate (masters & doctoral) Programs:

Check out our “ How to use the New UTRGV Scholarship Application ” video for more detailed information.

Don’t have UTRGV Student Credentials?

Undergraduate students can learn about UTRGV’s admission process at Graduate students can visit to learn more about the admissions application process.

If you already have your UTRGV student credentials but are having trouble with your login information, visit

Additional Information

Requirements may vary

  • Be enrolled a particular number of hours
  • Most require U.S. citizenship or legal permanent resident status (international students are still encouraged to apply)
  • Program of study/college specific

Submission Begins:

The application becomes available every year the first week of October.


High School Seniors:

  • December 1st

Undergraduate and Graduate Students:

  • February 1st

Send a Thank You Letter

Following up with a Thank You Letter is the next step after receiving a scholarship. Writing a thank you letter allows you to express your gratitude and provides an opportunity to tell your donor how this scholarship will benefit you, make a difference in your life and help you achieve your goals. Your thoughtful words serve to reaffirm why your donor selected you.

Tips for Writing a Thank You Letter

  • Allow your enthusiasm and personality to shine through this letter. Share a favorite quote or saying from a mentor, parent, or friend that grounds you and keeps you on track with your goals.
  • Be concise and clear and consider having someone proofread for typographical and grammatical errors. Keep your letter to a single page. The UTRGV Writing Center is a wonderful resource if you need help.
  • Typewritten letters work well since donors can easily forward them to others. If you prefer a handwritten note, be sure it is legible.
  • More tips from US News.

What to Include in Your Thank You Letter

1. The Salutation

The salutation is a greeting and begins with the donor's title and name. Begin by addressing your donor using a formal salutation: Mrs., Mr., Miss, Dr., If you do not have this information, please address your letter to "Dear Scholarship Donor."


Your name

Your address

Scholarship Office

1201 W. University Drive

Edinburg, Texas 78539-2999

Dear Scholarship Donor,

2. The Body of the Letter

Here is where you express your gratitude. Begin by introducing yourself and mentioning the name of the scholarship. Include the school or program of study you are pursuing. This section can be 2 to 3 paragraphs. When you are ready to upload the content of your letter to the scholarship portal (instructions found below), you’ll get an opportunity to cut and paste the information you provide in The Body of the Letter and Closing sections.

[First Paragraph: Explain why you are writing this letter. Be sure to identify the scholarship and what school or program you are in at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.]

[Second Paragraph: Tell the donor a little about yourself. You can briefly describe your research, any special programs or student organizations in which you participate, student projects, work experience, leadership experience, etc. You can also briefly write about your goals and future plans after you graduate.]

3. Closing

Demonstrate your gratitude by saying thank you once more for your donor's kind and generous investment in The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and YOU.

[Closing Paragraph: Thank your donor again for the scholarship and let the donor know how much you appreciate his/her generous contribution to your education. Let the donor know you will be a good steward of his/her “investment.”]


Your name

Your student ID number

Where to Submit Your Thank You Letter

Once you are ready to submit your Thank You letter, log in to the scholarship portal. The scholarship(s) you received will appear in the Submit Thank You Letter section. Proceed by including the content of your letter in the fillable sections provided. If your scholarship is not listed in the scholarship portal and you are not given the opportunity to upload your letter, please attach your Word document and email it to

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