Bachelor of Science in Addiction Studies

The need for substance use counselors is on the rise. The University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley’s School of Rehabilitation Services and Counseling first fully online undergraduate major at UTRGV – all major courses are available online – will help you meet the qualifications to become an addiction professional.

This program leads to a profession which requires an occupational license as defined under Texas Occupations Code 58.001. This requires that all applicants seeking to become licensed must undergo a criminal background check prior to licensure.

A Bachelor of Science in Addiction Studies degree program within the School of Rehabilitation Services and Counseling has stated a mission of preparing students to become addiction counseling specialists. Graduates will enter the field of substance abuse prevention and treatment and assist individuals to overcome their addictions and healthy lives, independent lives.

The following courses are the newest courses added to our curriculum:

REHS 3380-Current Issues in Addiction Studies 
Emerging trends and issues related to the profession of addiction counseling are explored through the use of up to date literature.  This includes the current context of the profession as well as its historical roots.  The course is dedicated to prepare students to become critical consumers of professional literature and address ever-changing concepts such as codes of ethics and program funding.

REHS 4320-Special Populations in Addiction Studies 
Course will address how current knowledge, theory, and skills are applicable to specific client populations.  Students in this course will be prepared for clinical issues of sub-populations which are related to, but not limited to: cultural/racial/ethnic, age, gender, sexual orientation, religious traditions and belief systems.

REHS 4365- Principles of Addictions Counseling
This course is designed as an introduction to a variety of clinical approaches to addiction counseling.  Explores evidence based methods of counseling services and theories of individual and family counseling.  Course learning will include familiarity with the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s (ASAM) placement criteria and Motivational Interviewing.

REHS 4370 -Addiction Counseling Skills
An overview of skills in treatment admission, clinical assessment, treatment planning, counseling services, documentation, case management, and discharge & continuing care.

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