The School of Rehabilitation Services & Counseling is committed to providing quality, comprehensive education to University of Texas Rio Grande Valley students on a variety of topics related to people with disabilities. An underlying philosophy of dignity and respect for all people, including those with disabilities, is taught and modeled. The School of Rehabilitation is also committed to integrating theory and practice in the classroom. Graduates are prepared with practical, hands on skills necessary to successfully enter the work force or Graduate school.



The overall goal of the Program is to prepare graduates to enter the work force in professional positions with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to assist people with disabilities to lead full, independent lives. Graduates are also well prepared to enter graduate school.



  1. Students will articulate the elements related to professional identity including; the history and philosophy of the counseling profession, the value of professional organizations, legal and ethical practice, and advocating for the profession and clients that are served.
  2. Students will demonstrate multicultural awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary for competency in working with a diverse population.
  3. Students will demonstrate an understanding of development across the lifespan and the impact on typical and atypical functioning.
  4. Students will utilize career development theories in the formation of diverse, individualized and developmentally appropriate career activities and interventions.
  5. Students will demonstrate the skills necessary to engage in an effective and therapeutic helping relationship.
  6. Students demonstrate competency in preparing and facilitating group counseling.
  7. Students will identify effective and diverse assessment strategies in order to facilitate culturally appropriate treatment planning.
  8. Students will apply research methods and program evaluation to inform evidence-based practice.
  9. Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling graduate students will demonstrate both knowledge and an understanding of the application of techniques and interventions for the prevention and treatment in working with diverse populations in various settings.