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Study Room Use Policy

1.  Aaronson Library study rooms are restricted to UTRGV School of Medicine students.  Ramirez Library study rooms are restricted to UTRGV users.

2. Study rooms may be booked online up to 7 days in advance.  Users must confirm online reservations via email within one hour of making a reservation, or the booking will be canceled.  Study room reservations may be canceled if the user does not arrive within 10 minutes of the start time.  

3.  Long-term, recurring reservations are not permitted.  

4.  Hot/odorous foods are not allowed in study rooms or other areas of the library.  Covered drinks are okay.

5.  Study room furniture may not be removed or rearranged.

6.  Rooms left vacant for more than 20 minutes will result in cancellation of a user's reservation.  Personal items and equipment should not be left unattended.  Unattended items will be turned over to UT Police.

7.  Equipment and cables in study rooms may be used.  However, cables should not be removed or relocated.  Dry erase markers and erasers are available at library information desks.

8.  Posted seating capacities for study rooms will be enforced.  Furniture should not be moved or relocated.  This includes moving additional chairs into a study room to accommodate more users.

9.  Library staff reserve the right to refuse a study room reservation for any group or individual who abuses the facilities or violates policy.