Minor in French

French Students

While learning the language, literature, and cultural and intellectual history of France may very well engender interest in and foster mastery of the humanities, studying French helps to build a mind, not a robot or a homo economicus.

UTRGV offers an 18-credit and 24-credit Minor in French, which includes language and translation classes, as well as courses on French Culture and Civilization, French Literature, French Cinema, and the French Enlightenment, among others. Professors encourage oral proficiency, while teaching fundamentals of grammar, vocabulary, culture, and pronunciation. Students can also participate in the annual summer study abroad programs.

Why Study French?

  • In an increasingly global economy, knowledge of French may help in a business career
  • If you are in an education profession, a French minor could expand your teaching qualifications.
  • Studying French offers an encounter with a myriad of artistic, literary, and philosophical treasures that may expand the mind.
  • Study abroad opportunities are available for the semester or for the summer.
  • Be a part of our community.
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