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Advising in 5

  1. Appointment
    Contact the Departmental Office:
    ELABS 211 (Edinburg Campus)
    (956) 665-3421

  2. Degree Plan 

    Review your degree plan that can be found through DegreeWorks on Assist.

  3. Worksheet

    Get Progress-to-Degree Review worksheet from the Department offices and fill out which courses you have already taken to prepare for your advisement.  If you aren't sure how to fill out the worksheet, your advisor will be able to help you out.

  4. Advising

    Show up on time with your materials and be patient.  If the advisor is still in another session, wait outside their office door until it is your turn to be advised.

  5. Follow-Up
    We can deal with a lot of advising questions/concerns quickly through email.  For English advising, please email For Spanish advising, please email or

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