About Us

The Department of Literatures and Cultural Studies at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is home to a dedicated, energetic, and diverse community of faculty and students committed to literary and cultural critique. The organization of the department is unique in that it is neither a traditional Foreign Languages, English, nor Comparative Literature department. Rather, it brings together in a single multilingual unit the study of many of the world’s literary traditions, film practices, and cultural forms. 

Our goal is to train students in the histories of and theoretical approaches to diverse literatures and cultures, but it is, more broadly, to develop in them the analytical tools of advanced literacy that will make them successful in whatever career paths they pursue. The programs we offer in the Department of Literatures and Cultural Studies offer students the liberal education they need and will use to become successful professionals and engaged students. To that end, we offer two undergraduate majors, in Spanish literature and English literature, a degree plan in English Language Arts for students interested in pursuing this path to become middle school or high school teachers, and five minors, in Spanish, English, French, Film Studies, and Gender and Women’s Studies.

At the graduate level, our department prepares students for careers in post-secondary teaching and for advanced doctoral work by offering Master of Arts degrees in English and in Spanish, each with a degree track in Literary and Cultural Studies. Graduate students also have the opportunity to earn a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Spanish Literature, a Graduate Certificate in Secondary English Language Arts, or a Graduate Certificate in Women's and Gender Studies. To support graduate study, the department provides a number of graduate and teaching assistantships.

The department proudly sponsors the undergraduate English Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta. Also, as home to the Journal of South Texas English Studies, and Hipertexto, an online journal focused on research in Spanish, Latin American, and Latino Studies, our Department stands at the forefront of some of the important global debates in literary and cultural scholarship today. A quick look at our website and Facebook page will highlight the many additional activities and organizations we sponsor for our students, faculty, and larger community.

Please contact our staff or one of our academic advisors for information about our programs and how you can be a part of them.