Minor in American Sign Language (ASL) Studies

American Sign Language Studies

A – MINOR REQUIREMENTS – 18 HOURS (9 advanced)
1 – American Sign Language Core – 18 hours (9 advanced)
Minor in American Sign Language Studies Degree Plan

Mission Statement (in alignment with the university).

A minor in American Sign Language (ASL) Studies will increase the communication abilities of those who work one on one with Deaf individuals. These courses will expand the linguistic support by providing students with overall proficiency in ASL in which they will be able to communicate with grammatical accuracy and use appropriate discourse strategies in a variety of communication contexts. In addition to increasing bilingual competencies, students will also develop bicultural competencies through the study of Deaf Culture. Students will become capable of managing both the linguistic and intercultural demands of ASL and working with Deaf community members.


  1. Students will demonstrate the ability to formulate grammatically appropriate discourse in a variety of communication contexts using American Sign Language (ASL).
  2. Students will possess the professional skills and knowledge necessary for working with Deaf consumers.
  3. Students will develop cultural awareness by interacting with members of the Deaf community.