In order to encourage the development of more sociolinguistic corpora, we are making the following resources available.

1) CoBiVa Handbook

This handbook was designed by Dr. Bessett, Carvalho, and Christoffersen to serve as a guide in training, students and research assistants on the project. It includes detailed protocols, training materials, and instructions, including transcription methods such as technologically-aided transcription with Microsoft Stream.

2) CoBiVa Handbook Resources

This dropbox folder includes many resources such as intake forms used for the study, including the demographic information of the participant, fieldnotes, demographic information of the interviewer, Bilingual Language Profile, and consent form. These are meant to aid other researchers in developing sociolinguistic corpora.

If you have any questions or would like to talk more about developing a sociolinguistic corpora, please contact us at, or through our UTRGV emails ( and