It is very important to us that the CoBiVa is a resource for community members as well as researchers, students, and teachers. Community members are welcome to request access to the CoBiVa.

In order to make the content and project accessible to community members, we have also created the following resources.


1. What is CoBiVa

This short webpage provides information on the CoBiVa project for a general audience in order to explain the project without any technical terms.


2. CoBiVa Methods

This webpage provides information specifically on the research methods used in the CoBiVa project. Again, this website avoids using technical terms in order to provide explanations to a general audience.


3. CoBiVa Video

This short video introduces the CoBiVa project including is what it is, how it was created, and why it is important. It includes subtitles in order for it to be accessible to the broader community.


If you would like to discuss the CoBiVa more, please feel free to contact the research team at or the principal investigators ( or