Dr. Cristina V. Torres Memorial Astronomical Observatory (CTMO) is an Optical observatory located in Resaca de la Palma State Park, in Brownsville, TX.

The main activities of the observatory are:

Research: Some of the research projects and interests include asteroid tracking and characterization, variable star observations, exoplanet transits, trans-Neptunian object detection and, supernova/transient searches in galaxies

Education: Use the observatory as an experience-based learning tool for students by training them on the operation of the different equipment and instruments.

Outreach: Foster the interest in astronomy within the community through activities such as public observation nights, tours, public talks, astronomy nights and night hikes.

For more information, you can contact:

Dr. Mario Diaz, Director of CGWA and CTMO (mario.diaz@utrgv.edu)
Americo Hinojosa, Operations Manager at CTMO (americo.hinojosalee01@utrgv.edu)


Time Domain Astronomy Group (TDAG)

The observatory is operated by the Time Domain Astronomy Group, which is composed of graduate and undergraduate physics students with interest in astronomy research.

Time Domain Astronomy Group

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