Degree Plans

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BS - Biology (Focus in Biological Science)

BS - Biology (Focus in Biology with a Minor)

BS - Biology (Teacher Certification with Focus on Life Sciences)

BIS - Life Science (Teacher Certification)


A degree plan will guide the student for the selection of courses in his/her career for a Bachelor of Science with a Biology Major and for those who would like to teach biology/life sciences in secondary education schools. It is highly recommended that you prepare one so you can organize and select the courses that the University requires the student to take as mandatory or basic, and those required for the Department of Biology. The 'Minor' is selected by the student and also includes a total number of advanced and non-advanced courses. Consult the Undergraduate Catalog for the total number of course requirements that every department has for minors.


1. Using the most recent transcript fill your degree plan form. Write the courses that you have taken in the corresponding column along with its credit hours. Start with the university requirements. Write all extra courses in the 'Electives' section.

2. BIOL3401 is worth 4 advanced hours. BIOL2305 is worth 3 non-advanced hours.

3. Make sure that you enter the 'additional requirements' and then proceed to include the courses for the Minor that you have declared at the Office of Admissions. A few students opt to select two minors. Again, all extra courses must be entered in the 'Electives' section.

4. Make your notes on advanced and non-advanced courses that you need to complete on the respective row along with the number of credit hours.

5. Add the hours of the courses completed (do not add twice the 8 hours of natural science, if they are BIOL courses).

6. Contact the Advising Office and bring along your transcript. The advisor will review the form with you and then submitted to Dr. Fred Zaidan, Chair of the Department of Biology for a final check and approval. In some cases the COS Dean, signs and approves the forms. Such cases include students under Veterans Administration and Financial Aid.

7. Collect the signed form from the Biology Department secretary at ESCNE 2.352.

Keep in safe place and pay attention to those courses you need to complete whenever you sign up for courses. Consult with your assigned advisor for further information.