Policies and Procedures

  1. The Writing Center is available to assist all currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students at UTRGV. UTRGV alumni interested in applying to UTRGV graduate programs can also request Writing Center services. Unfortunately, we do not currently have the resources to assist non-UTRGV students.
  2. The average duration of a Writing Center Consultation session is approximately 30 minutes. Consultations are limited to twice a day, and four per week, including weekends.

  3. Our consultants are here to assist you and may write their own notes/comments to best do so. However, marking (and especially editing) student papers is against our Writing Center Policies. This extends to handling student-owned technology (e.g., laptops, tablets, and other smart devices).

  4. The Writing Center is happy to assist with group projects; however, Writing Center policy only allows our consultants to review the assignment in its entirety if the entire group is present. Alternatively, each group member may receive help on their portion of the project in individual sessions.

  5. To better serve our students during certain times of the semester, walk-ins may temporarily be halted. We strongly encourage students to make an online or on-campus appointment as early as two weeks prior to midterms and finals. 

    1. Students will be allowed 1 appointment per day with the option of an additional session as a walk-in if needed. Students will not be allowed to schedule back-to-back appointments.

    2. Students will be allowed 4 appointments per week; this includes weekdays and weekends.

    3. Appointments must be made at least half a day in advance, and an emailed confirmation from the Writing Center is required. 

    4. Students cannot receive feedback on Midterms, Finals, and/or Exams/Quizzes without written permission from their professor or stated on their syllabus.

    5. In-person requests are subject to change, depending on consultant availability. In-person appointments may be changed to Zoom appointments.
  6. The Writing Center is eager to assist you with your writing as much as possible. However, Writing Center Policy does not permit its consultants to access or use a student’s BlackBoard page. Students should access or submit their own assignments.

  7. We encourage students to work with multiple tutors to receive multiple perspectives/feedback on their writing. As such, students are not allowed to ask for consultants’ schedules.

  8. Our consultants are ready to help you 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday - Thursday, and from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm on Friday. However, consultants are not required to assist students outside of their work hours.

  9. The Writing Center respects the privacy of everyone using our services and that of our consultants. As such, consultants are not allowed to share any personal contact information.

  10. The Writing Center aims to accommodate and aid as many students as possible while being respectful of student and employee time. Thus, Zoom sessions and on-campus appointments must be scheduled at least half a day in advance and are subject to tutor availability.

  11. For special accommodations, students should contact SAS before requesting a writing consultation.

    • SAS Brownsville: BMSLC 1.107; Ph. 956-882-7374

    • SAS Edinburg: University Center 108; Ph. 956-665-7005

  12. If you require proof of session (for a professor or for your own records), please indicate your request for proof of session on the submission form prior to your session or during your session. Proof of the session will be sent directly from the Writing Center’s email address and is invalid if originating from other senders. The Writing Center no longer offers stamped documents as proof of the session.
  13. Although the Writing Center takes great care to keep student information confidential, we have a commitment to report issues, behaviors, or writing content concerning the well-being of a student that is perceived to be harmful, worrisome, or threatening (to the individual student or others). These reports are forwarded to the Student of Concern Intervention Team which will assess, consult and respond to the incident.