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UTRGV Sustainability Learning Outcomes

UTRGV’s commitment to sustainable development is reflected in its mission statement, its core priorities, and the institutional values that surround integration in academics, campus engagement, operational logistics, planning and administration, and innovation in research and programs. The sustainability learning outcomes for the predominant student population are as follows:

  1. Engagement of transdisciplinary efforts between students and faculty to broaden the scope of sustainability in projects, research, departments, and degree fields.
  2. Critical reflection on culturally diverse and inclusive experiences of self and others, and how this impacts our worldviews and celebrates diverse perspectives from underrepresented cultural group(s).
  3. Promotion of culture in a healthy, safe, and environmentally sustainable campus that enhances individual health, community well-being, and positive teaching/learning experience.
  4. Utilization of future thinking and design thinking as a foundation for sustainable development practices and planning.
  5. Comprehension of knowledge related to sustaining societal protections and equity, environmental stewardship, and economic growth.
  6. Integration of core competencies related to sustainable development systems in individual and campus behavior changes thus leading to improved quality of life.
  7. Championing as a change agent in leadership and advocacy while promoting sustainability in lifestyles, program design, and multi-disciplinary research.

Our world needs a new kind of professional.At UTRGV, that’s what our bilingual, bicultural, and bi-literate learning experience delivers. We are driven by visionary thinking, the most modern technology, internationally acclaimed faculty, and offerings necessary for students to achieve career success and make a difference in the Valley, the Americas, and the world.

Each UTRGV College is educating for sustainable development.  Through service-learning by using the campus as a living lab, offering opportunities for sustainable research, offering undergraduate and graduate sustainability programs, and offering certificates in sustainability, UTRGV faculties empower students to contribute to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Learn how your college is contributing or scrolling below.

In addition to all of this, The Strategic Planning Steering Committee worked with the Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs to fund 10 Transforming Our World Strategic Plan proposals for the 2017-2018 academic year that were strongly linked with UTRGV's strategic plan and aligned with UTRGV's Vision, Mission, Values, Core Priorities, and Other Key Areas of Focus, including Sustainability. You can learn more about the initiatives that were funded, and the U.N. SDG that each proposal works towards


Sustainability at UTRGV Colleges

Each college at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is dedicating to educating students about what sustainability means in their respective fields and how to achieve their goals through living a sustainable lifestyle. Each college offers sustainability-based courses that can help aspiring leaders be more involved in sustainable development in their communities, and the world.

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 UTRGV's Innovation Center at Weslaco

Sustainability Degree Programs & Certificates

With over 2000 undergraduate and 200 graduate sustainability-focused or related courses, the options are endless at UTRGV. Check out some of the undergraduate, graduate, and certificates related to Sustainability in our catalogs. Browse our catalogs to get an idea of the type of classes you may take that build your sustainable development body of knowledge.

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A Collage of some of the living labs projects

UTRGV Campus as a Living Lab

Many of the projects below merge academics with campus wide departments to contribute and provide sustainable solutions to modern problems for our campus community, the Rio Grande Valley, the Nation, and the whole world.Our UTRGV campus living lab projects include bioswale, community garden & greenhouse, urban forestry, pollinator garden, crawfish garden, solar arrays, demand response, greenhouse gas emissions inventory, tree nursery, campus food security initiative, and the UTRGV Hub of Prosperity farm.

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UTRGV Sustainability Course Catalogs

Sustainable Development can be found in every field of study at UTRGV. Courses that are sustainability-focused or related are listed in their respective college in our course catalogs. Use our course catalogs to make a list of selections that seem interesting to you. Then, work closely with your advisor to make the most of your college experience. Be aware that some courses may have prerequisites or be offered on only one campus or online.

Undergraduate Sustainability Course Catalog 2022 Graduate Sustainability Course Catalog 2022
a meeting at the small business development center

Centers for Excellence

UTRGV offers a variety of resources and opportunities for students to gather support and collaborate with professionals in order to further develop their hands-on skills, knowledge, and abilities when it comes to their sustainability goals. The Centers for Sustainability Across the Curriculum program (ICSAC) is the flagship center for sustainability academia-related workshops.

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Sustainability Research

UTRGV prepares its students into becoming sustainable solution seeking problem solvers. From internships, work-study, and fellowship programs, the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley gives all of its undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to contribute to sustainable development research that can significantly make a difference on campus, the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, and the world. View some of the sustainable research being done at UTRGV.

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 Eight UTRGV faculty members who were recognized with Faculty Excellence Awards

Sustainability Faculty Excellence Award

The purpose of this Program is to recognize, celebrate, and honor the exceptional accomplishments of the faculty at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV). This Program, co-sponsored by various divisions/units across the university, provides opportunities to share and celebrate these accomplishments widely, and promote a culture of excellence.

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