Active Shooter


Should you ever find yourself in an active shooter situation, your survival may depend on how you respond. There are three things you can do that may make a difference:



AVOID – Get away from the threat and to a safe place.

Find a way out:

  • If you are indoors, are you near an emergency exit?
  • What is between you and the nearest exit?
  • Can you see the shooter(s)? Can you hear gunfire?
  • If you see a safe exit path, get out as quickly as possible.

When you are safe, call the University Police (956) 882-4911 and provide the following details:

  • Where is the shooter? (Which campus, building, floor number, and/or room number)
  • Where is the shooter heading? (An estimated guess if not known)
  • Is there more than one shooter?
  • Can you describe the shooter’s appearance? Height, skin, clothing color, etc.
  • What kind of weapon(s) do they have? Type of gun, multiple weapons, etc.
  • Where are potential victims located? campus, building, floor, and/or room.


DENY – If you can’t get away from the threat, hide.

  • Are there barriers (like chairs, tables, ladders, etc.) between yourself and the shooter?
  • Can you lock all doors and/or windows in the room and turn off all the lights?
  • Is there a place to hide that is outside of the shooter’s view?
  • Can you move to another location if needed?
  • Silence all mobile devices and remain quiet!


DEFEND – If you can’t get away or hide, fight for your life.

  • Be prepared. Be confident. Be brave.
  • If you can, use force to separate the shooter from their weapon.
  • Attack the shooter by using any object or means necessary.
  • Do not fight fair. This is a life-or-death scenario.


What to do when law enforcement arrives:

  • Do not panic. Remain calm.
  • Immediately follow any instructions given by the police.
  • Keep your hands raised to show officers you are not a threat.
  • Do not point or yell.
  • If you are injured, you will receive treatment.