About Ready UTRGV


Are You Ready, UTRGV?

Ready UTRGV is all about being prepared. Spearheaded by the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley's Office of Emergency Management (OEM), Ready UTRGV is a three-tiered approach to preparing our university community for any disaster we may face. The OEM aims to equip all students, faculty, and staff with essential resources and information for facing disasters. Together, we can help make our university community more resilient.

Preparedness should be a whole-community approach, but preparedness all starts with you!

At times, you might be the "help" until professional help arrives, so learning skills and being familiar with various types of disasters — natural, technological, or human-caused — are the two best things you can do to be most effective.

SO WHAT? In short, preparedness saves lives and speeds up recovery during and after a disaster strikes. You can help keep our campus community safe by being prepared.


1. Training & Events

Each year at three UTRGV locations (Edinburg, Brownsville, Harlingen), Ready UTRGV outreach events offer community members a chance to connect with local preparedness partners, learn about their roles, and gain valuable information on how to be better prepared.

All UTRGV Incident Management Team members receive vital, professional level training every year.


2. Relationship Building & Community Engagement

The OEM is working closely with departments and divisions across the institution to strengthen departmental plans, create continuity plans, and enhance the working knowledge of employees about the importance of having well-crafted plans and procedures in place, both during normal business operations and during disasters alike.

Additionally, Ready UTRGV is an initiative to bring organizations across the Valley together focused on preparedness, response, and recovery activities in the face of any disaster in the local area. By working closer together and networking, the coalition can strengthen and improve preparedness and response actions across the Valley and within the UTRGV community alike.


3. Guidance & Resources

The Ready UTRGV website is your destination for all things preparedness, including detailed procedures, helpful resources, volunteer opportunities, and activities scheduled throughout the year. This easy-to-navigate site will contain the most essential information about emergency preparedness and one you can refer to as needed.