Frequently Asked Questions


  • What services are offered by the UTRGV University Police

    Police escort, Vehicle assistance, Lost and Found information, and Special Event staffing
  • What does the Police Department have for the community?

    The UTRGV Police Department has various community partnerships:

    • Police Explorers
    • Citizen's Police Academy
    • Community Advisory Board
    • Student Patrol
    • Community Liaison Officers
    • Cert 2016


  • What are the differences between an officer and a specialist?

    The answer to this FAQ will appear soon.

Crime Reporting and Prevention

  • How can I report a crime in progress on campus?

    To report a crime in progress please call the UTRGV Police Department

    • UTRGV Campus Emergency: (956) 882-4911
    • UTRGV Police Directory: (956) 882-7777
    • Emergency: 911
  • What are some tips on how to stay safe when walking at night on campus?

    While Walking At Night

    • Avoid walking or jogging alone at night. Instead go walking or jogging with a friend.
    • If you can not find someone to walk with you………contact the University Police at (956) 882 4911 for an escort to your destination.
    • Do not use headphones while walking, driving or jogging.
    • Always walk in well-lighted areas.
    • Avoid the use of short cuts.
    • After dark, keep away from large bushes or doorways where someone could be lurking.
    • If someone in a vehicle stops and asks for directions, answer from a distance. Do not approach the vehicle.
    • If followed, go immediately to an area with lights and people. If needed, turn around and walk in the opposite direction.
    • If someone in a car follows you and is persistent or becomes obscene, write down the license plate number and report it to the University Police as soon as possible.
    • Do not display cash openly, especially when leaving an ATM.