Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering In the Spotlight

Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering is Full of Fun and Potentials:

Manufacturing an industrial engineering is a multi-disciplinary field containing important elements of industrial, mechanical and materials engineering. Manufacturing engineers are leaders in design, innovation, and improvement of systems to provide a service or products. Our graduates work in most in manufacturing industries, healthcare industry, and service industries. 

Please check out a video about Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering prepared by our students and faculty members:

Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering students have ample opportunities to perform research and technology innovation enabled by transformation manufacturing processes such as Additive Manufacturing, Biomedical Manufacturing, and Smart Manufacturing. Please check out the video from RAPID 2018, organized by Society of Manufacturing Engineers, showing all kinds potentials as a Manufacturing Engineer.

Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering is in Great Demand

EMSI the world leading career building service provider and labor market data provider, revealed that Manufacturing and Industrial engineers is one of the most in-demand engineering occupations. Shortage of Manufacturing and Industrial Engineers is summarized in the table (COLLEGE COMPLETIONS VS. JOB OPENINGS).

Shortage in MIE

It was concluded that we need more high school seniors to consider Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering as a career option.

For more information, please refer to this article: Does the US Have an Industrial Engineers Shortage?