Engaged Scholar Symposium

Congratulations to all the BMED students who presented and was recognized at the Engaged Scholar Symposium 2019.




Award Type

Health Science
Oral Presentation

The Evaluation of Osteogenic Inducing MiRNAs for Bone Tissue Engineering

Astrid Gutierrez

Astrid S. Gutierrez

Distinguished Scholar

Health Science
Poster Presentation

Development of a Biomarker for Parkinson's Disease

Daphne Zuniga

Daphne AlcalaZuniga

Honorable Mention

Life Science
Poster Presentation

Melatonin Increases 3T3-L1 Adipogenesis and Brown Adipocyte Characteristics

Roman Sanchez

Roman Sanchez-Martinez

Honorable Mention

Service Learning Poster Presentation

Starting STEM: a Child's Introduction to the Human Body's Vital Organs

Rozena, Jacob, Veronica, Gabriella

Rozena Shirvani-Arani, Jacob Maciel, Veronica Levrier, Gabriella Lopez

Honorable Mention

Social Science
Oral Presentation

Biomedical Freshman Research Initiative (BFRI): A Study of the Benefits of a Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience

Sachin George

Sachin George

Distinguished Scholar

2019 Engaged Scholar Symposium Photo Album

BMED students recognized for their presentations at the 2018 Engaged Scholar Symposium ES2

ES2 group photo


Congratulations to all the BMED students who were recognized for their presentations at the 2018 Engaged Scholar Symposium ES2!


Distinguished Scholar, Health Science Category

  • Daniel Rodriguez De Anda, Sue Anne Chew. Controlled Release of Chemotherapy Drug Temozolomide from Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) Loaded Micro Particles by Electrospraying for the Treatment of Glioma. 


Distinguished Scholar, Life Science Category

  • Daniela Vidal, Magali Ayala, Viviana Quintero, Claudia Gonzalez, Michael Lehker. Redox Regulation of Exofacial Protein Thiols in Trichomonas vaginalis.

Honorable Mentions, Health Science Category

  • May-Hui Ding, Astrid S Gutierrez, Sue Anne Chew. A Study of Angiogenic Inducing miRNA for Bone Tissue Engineering.
  • Arely Martinez, Anitta Saju, Emily A Limas, Liyuen Poy, Carlos Escobedo and Hugo Rodriguez.  Resilience: Effective or Ineffective.
  • Astrid S Gutierrez, May-Hui Ding, Marco A. Arriaga and Sue Anne Chew. The Evaluation of 10 Osteogenic Inducing MicroRNA for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications

Honorable Mentions, Physical Science Category

  • Perla Leyva, Ahmed Touhami. Preparation and Characterization of Glutaraldehyde-Chitosan Hydrogels for Biomedical Applications.

Honorable Mentions, Social Science & Humanities Category

  • Vanessa Cavazos, Maria Vaca, Melanie Vance, Matthew Mercado, Alberto Arroyo. Analysis of Self Perceived Time Management Skills in Pre-Medical Students.
  • Lakshman Vigneswaran, Veronica Flores, Bianca Vela, Amanda Salas, Paul Alexander Shane, Melissa Flores, Sachin George, Maria Teresa Castaneda, Hugo Rodriguez. Assessing the Biomedical Sciences Program’s Impact on the Readiness of Current Students.

Engaged Scholar Symposium April 2018 Photo Album

2017 Engaged Scholar Symposium (ES²)

Congratulations to the winners!

Poster Presentation Winners


Daniela Butanda, Ivan Davila, Karen Martirosyan, Thermal Dose Dissipation Approach for Eschericia coli, (BMED Major, MBRS-RISE)


Hector Filizola, Alejandra C. Camacho, Mario Gil, Gabriel A. de Erausquin, Primary Culture of Dopaminergic Neurons from the Midbrain of the Monodelphis domestica, (APRIME-TIME)


Carolina Leynes, Marco A. Arriaga, Sue Anne Chew, An Investigation of the Attachment and Proliferation of Cells on PCL Scaffolds with Different Porogen Volume Percent and Sizes for Bone Tissue Engineering, (BMED Major, MBRS-RISE)

Community Research

Lakshman Vigneswaran, An Analysis of Medical and Social Barriers to Optimal Diabetes Care in Patients Attending a Community Health Center (APRIME-TIME)

Interdisciplinary/Liberal Arts
Matthew, Sachin, Alejandra, Muhammad

Alejandra Torres, Sachin George, Paul Alexander Shane, Muhammad Siddiqui, Hugo Rodriguez, Maria Teresa Castaneda, Manuel Saldivar, Erich Wittmer, Evaluation of The Early Clinical Experiences in the A-PRIME TIME Brownsville Campus Program (APRIME-TIME)

Oral Presentation Winner



Michael Carrillo, Wei Lin, Quantum Chemical calculations of the monomer and monohydrate of 3,3,3-trifluoro-2-(trifluoromethly)propanal, (Chemistry Major, MBRS-RISE)

Poster Presentations

  • Ednia Gutierrez, Saraswathy Nair, Determining the effects of melatonin on 3T3-L1, (Biology Major, MBRS-RISE)
  • Roman Sanchez-Martinez, Aylin Flores, Jose Vega, Paola Vidal,  iPad Charger (Generic vs. Apple) & Effect of Using Apps on Battery Life (BMED Major, BFRI, MBRS-RISE)
  • Aleida Gonzalez, Arnulfo Mar, Biochemical Studies of the Neem Plant. A Folk Remedy Used in the Treatment of Diabetes (Chemistry Major, MBRS-RISE)
  • Perla Leyva, Jesus Gonzalez, Cindy Salazar, Miriam Garcia, Murat Karabulut, Merrill Funk The Validity of Popular Smartphone Apps at Measuring Steps While Walking and Jogging on a     Treadmill, (BMED Major, MBRS-RISE)
  • Roberto De La Garza, Eric Escobedo, Julian Garza, Raul Ordonez, Sue Anne Chew, The Study of Hydro-Absorption of Different Paper Towels (BMED Major, BFRI, MBRS-RISE)
  • Daniel A Rodriguez De Anda, Marco A. Arriaga, Sue Anne Chew, Development of Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) Microparticles Loaded with the Chemotherapy Drug Temozolomide for the Treatment of Glioblastomas (BMED Major, MBRS-RISE)
  • Kassandra Cervantes, Ahmed Touhami, Nanomechanics of Bacterial Type IV Pili, (BMED Major, MBRS-RISE)
  • Samantha Garcia, Michelle Montiel, Anahi Sanchez,  How Far Will You Go: An Investigation Comparing Distance & Speed Between Various Pepper Sprays, (BMED Major, BFRI, MBRS-RISE)
  • Daphne AlcalaZuniga, Sarai Doria, Ernesto A. Castillo, Saul Lopez, Abominable YETI cup: Temperature Analysis of Cups Constructed from Different Insulating Materials (BMED Major, BFRI)
  • Jonathan Abshier and Alejandra Padron, Antibacterial Activity of Citrus Fruits On Escherichia Coli(BMED Major, BFRI)
  • Natasha Vora, Manuel Saldivar, Sue Anne Chew , Biomedical Sciences Freshman Research Initiative (BFRI) at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley: An Opportunity to Expose A Larger Number of Underrepresented Students to Research (APRIME-TIME)
  • Jamie Mathews, Dr. Julie Mustard , Can Honey Bees Determine the Nutritional Value of Food if They Cannot Taste It? (APRIME-TIME)
  • Yarissa Ramirez, Arnulfo Garza, Chun Xu , Gene Discovery for Epilepsy in the Latino Population by Whole Exome Sequencing (BMED Major)
  • Mario Enrique Patlan Jr., Mkhitar Hobosyan, Karen Martirosyan, Magnetic Properties of PEG-Coated Bismuth Ferrite Nanoparticles (BMED Major)
  • Jesus Roberto Franco, Marco Arriaga, Sue Anne Chew, Optimization of the Fabrication Method of Minocycline Loaded PLGA Microparticles for Glioblastomas (APRIME-TIME)
  • Alberto Arroyo, Robert Olmedo Lopez, Graciela Ester Alvarez, Amanda De Los Santos, Wireless Fidelity Across The University of Rio Grande Valley at Brownsville (BMED Major, BFRI)
  • Imran Murtuza, Visualization of Active Hunger Hormone Receptors in the Brain's Learning Center(BMED Major)
  • Iris Gamez, Sachin George, Emily Limas, Arely Martinez, Paul Shane, Which Antacid Is Best For You? (BMED Major, BFRI)
  • Jonathan Abshier, Chun Xu , ODD and CD as Comorbidities of ADHD in the Latino Population(BMED Major)
  • Viviana Quintero , Edgar Capistran, Valeria Gonzalez, Adrian Maldonado, Is it quiet enough?: A study of noise levels throughout campus (BMED Major, BFRI)
  • Yammile Vargas, Leslie L. Rivera-Lopez, John VandeBerg, Annelyn Torres-Reveron, Quantification of Developmental Sensory-Motor Behaviors in Monodelphis domestica (Opossum) (BMED Major)
  • Hector Filizola, Alejandra C. Camacho, Mario Gil, John VandeBerg, Gabriel A. de Erausquin, Neuronal Primary Culture from the brain of the Monodelphis domestica(BMED Major)


Oral Presentations

  • Ramona Luna, Ahmed Touhami, Effect of Temperature and pH on the Nanostructural and Nanomechanical Properties of Chitosan Films, (Physics Major, MBRS-RISE)
  • Daniela Barbosa, Sue Anne Chew, Manipulation of Different Fabrication Parameters of PLGA/Minocycline Microparticles for the Treatment of Gliomas (BMED Major, MBRS-RISE)

Engaged Scholar Symposium 2017 Photo Album