Student Success

Congratulations BMED student Paola Vidal who won a travel award to SACNAS in Hawaii, and presented her summer internship research project from Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN there, last week.

Paola Vidal

 Congratulations Bryan Navarro, Sandra Martinez, Jessica Sosa and Therese Baldado for getting accepted to the UT Austin Pharmacy School

pharmacy students

Congratulations to Alehli Silguero was accepted to Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

Alehli Silguero


Congratulations to Daniela Barbosa for her acceptance to the UT Southwestern Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences Program

Daniela Barbosa

Congratulations to Magdalena Ramirez (left) & Nitchelle Rodriguez (right) for her acceptance to the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) Physician Assistant Program

Magdelena Ramirez  

Nitchelle Rodriguez

Congratulations to the following students who got accepted to summer programs for Summer 2019

Summer Internship 2019

  • Adrian Maldonado, Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine , Marshall University
  • Alexa Zarete, CPRIT Summer Undergraduate Experience, UT Health School of Public Health San Antonio
  • Aylin Flores, SMART Program, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Bryan Martinez, CPRIT Summer Undergraduate Experience, UT MD Anderson
  • Chinyere Agba, SHPEP Summer Internship, University of Nebraska School of Medicine
  • Claudia Gonzalez, SMART Program, Baylor College of Medicine
  • David Moreno, Life Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Programs (LSSURP), University of Minnesota
  • Johanna Mora, SMART Program, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Kenia Castillo, Wayne State in Detroit Michigan.
  • Miranda Sosa, SMART Program, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Paola Vidal, Mayo Clinic Minnesota
  • Roman Sanchez-Martinez, Biomedical Science Summer Abroad Program (BSSAP), School of Medicine and Health Sciences TecSalud of Tecnologico de Monterrey.
  • Walter Otu, Diversity Student Summer Research Opportunity Program (DSSROP), Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Valeria Gonzalez, University of Texas Medical Branch
  • Varesh Gorabi, University of Texas Medical Branch 

BMED - Cooperative Pharmacy Program (CPP) Students Accepted to UT School of Pharmacy Fall 2019

bmed-cpp students

Steven Duong, Lucia Pena, Paola Fernandez, Amanda Villafranca and Sharon Everitt at the University of Austin College of Pharmacy Early Decision Interviews.

See all of our BEMD students who are moving on to Medical/Pharmacy school this Fall 2019

Congratulations to Health and Biomedical Science students and faculty mentors for being recognized for their presentation at the
2019 College of Health Professions Research Symposium!

Edinburg Campus

Graduate Category
Place Student and Mentor Poster Title

Yajaira I. Ayala, Mentor Dr. Suad Ghaddar

Yajaira I. Ayala, Mentor: Dr. Suad Ghaddar

Understanding emergency preparedness among vulnerable groups in Hidalgo County.

Pursuing Degree: Masters in Disaster Studies 


Samantha Guerra, Mentor Dr. Suad Ghaddar

Samantha Guerra, Mentor: Dr. Suad Ghaddar

Striving for Health Equity: 2018 Health Profile of Operation Lone Star Participants

Pursuing Degree: Masters in Health Science in Health Care Administration

3 Amanda Gomez & Kelley Jimenez , Mentor: Dr. Ruth Cruthfield

Retrospective Analysis of Dysarthria Rehabilitation Strategies in Hispanic Geriatric Populations

Pursuing Degree: Masters in Communication Sciences and Disorders


Undergraduate Category
Place Student and Mentor Poster Title

Aaron Carrillo & Luis Trevino, Mentor Dr. Kelsey Baker

Aaron Carrillo & Luis Trevino, Mentor: Dr. Kelsey Baker

Spinal Cord Injury: Does Size Matter?

Pursuing Degree: BS in Biomedical Science


Alyssa Canales & Alondra Medina, Mentor Dr. Kelsey Baker

Alyssa Canales & Alondra Medina, Mentor: Dr. Kelsey Baker

Scarred for Life: The Role of Spinal Scars in Functional Recovery

Pursuing Degree: BS in Biomedical Science


Veronica Levrier, Mentor Dr. Deepu George

Veronica Levrier, Mentor: Dr. Deepu George

Behavioral Interventions for Treatment Resistant Depression: A Brief Review

Pursuing Degree: BS in Biomedical Science

Brownsville Campus

Graduate Category (3 way tie for 1st place)
Place Student and Mentor Poster Title

Nura Salhadar, Mentor Dr. Suad Ghaddar

Nura Salhadar, Mentor: Dr. Suad Ghaddar

Assessing the Community Health Needs of UTRGV Students

Pursuing Degree: Master of Science in Health Sciences in Nutrition

1 Ricardo Parra, Mentor: Dr. Ulku Karabulut

The comparison between perceived and objective levels of physical activity in college students

Pursuing Degree: Masters in Exercise Science

1 Paloma J. Mendoza, Mentor: Dr. Ulku Karabulut

The Relationship Between Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors and Arterial Elasticity in Hispanic College Students

Pursuing Degree: Masters in Exercise Science


Undergraduate Category
Place Student and Mentor Poster Title

Homero Coss & David Moreno, Mentor Dr. Alejandro Lopez-Juarez

Homero Coss & David Moreno, Mentor: Dr. Alejandro Lopez-Juarez

Different Mechanisms for Brain White Matter Pathogenesis in two RASopathies

Pursuing Degree: BS in Biomedical Science


Andrea Bustos & Marisol Villarreal, Mentor Dr. Alejandro Lopez-Juarez

Andrea Bustos, Marisol Villareal, Mentor: Dr. Alejandro-Lopez

White Matter/Myelin Abnormalities and Related Behaviors in Infant and Juvenile NF1 Mice

Pursuing Degree: BS in Biomedical Science


Astrid S. Gutierrez, Mentor Dr. Sue Anne Chew

Astrid S. Gutierrez, Mentor: Dr. Sue Anne Chew

The Evaluation of Osteogenic Inducing MiRNAs for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications

Pursuing Degree: BS in Biology


Congratulations Roman!

Roman's poster  Roman award  Hooray!

Out of the almost 60 poster attendees  at the Capital of Texas Undergraduate Research Conference held on Nov 3rd, 2018 at The University of Texas at Austin, Roman Sanchez Martinez was recognized as one of the top 6 students (the only UTRGV student) for an Outstanding Presentation of a Research Poster Award. He was also interviewed by The Daily Texan - Nov. 5, 2018 - "Capital of Texas Undergraduate Research Conference highlights interdisciplinary undergraduate research"

May-Hui Ding

Congratulations to BMED student May-Hui Ding for being awarded the 2018 Texas Society Allied Health Professions (TSAHP) Undergraduate Student Award as well as First Place in the Student Poster Presentation Competition at the 41st Annual TSAHP Conference "Preparing the 21st Century Workforce"  for her poster titled “The Study of Osteogenic Inducing MicroRNA’s for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications”.

Congratulations Fall 2018 Medical Students!

Imran Murtaza

Imran Murtuza 
BMED Class of 2017 
Accepted to UT Southwestern Medical School Fall 2018

"Coming from Dallas, I did not know a single person when I entered college. However, I was very fortunate, became BMED is like a family so I was welcomed in with open arms. Being a Biomedical Sciences Major has not only allowed me to succeed academically but also grow as a person. The X-factor of the BMED department is embodied by a quote one of the faculty members (Dr. Hugo Rodriguez) always preaches: “A goal without a plan is only a wish.” The BMED department prepared me from day one for not only getting into medical school but on ways to thrive once in. They work with your needs and are constantly improving their curriculum and methods to cater to the students. It fosters a student-oriented environment which is the trend many schools are following now. I was extremely fortunate to be a student in the BMED department. My parting piece of advice to current and future students would be to start preparing and planning towards your goal from the day you walk into your first class. Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do, take charge and talk to your professors. If you do not go to them, they will find you."

Hector Filizola

Hector Filizola
BMED Class of 2017
UT Southwestern Medical School Fall 2018

The Biomedical Sciences program and its innovative curriculum provided me a top-tier education to meet my goal of getting accepted into my dream medical school. I am confident the lessons I have learned here helped me grow as a professional and will aid me in my future endeavors. Furthermore, the constant support from the BMED faculty in addition to working alongside other passionate students with similar goals served as constant motivation. Everyone was beyond friendly, which promoted a fantastic learning environment. 

Congratulations to BMED students Roman Sanchez Martinez and Lakshman Vigneswaran!

Congratulations to BMED students Roman Sanchez Martinez and Lakshman Vigneswaran for being recipients of the 2017 Texas Society of Allied Health Professions Undergraduate Student Award.  They were selected based on their service to their community and profession, as well as their scholastic achievement and future professional potential. 

Lakshman Vigneswaran
Roman Sanchez Martinez

scholarship Congratulations to our BMED alumni, Victor Hinojosa who has been awarded a 2017 Texas Medical Association (TMA) Minority scholarship. Victor is one of the twelve minority students entering Texas medical schools this fall that were presented a $10,000 scholarship award during the TMA’s Annual Convention in Houston in the beginning of May.