BMED Pre-Professional Diagnostic examination:

The Department of Health and Biomedical Sciences  is now mandating a diagnostic professional examination for all students in Missions 3, 6, and 10.

                Examinations will be held in Edinburg and Brownsville.

  • March 2nd – Brownsville and Edinburg 9 am – 2 pm  for Mission 3 only
  • April 6th – Edinburg 9 am – 2 pm for Mission 6 and Mission 10 (must have laptop)
  • April 27th – Brownsville 9 am – 2 pm for Mission 6 and Mission 10 (limited computers available – bring laptop if possible)

April 6, 2019 - Edinburg campus

Students taking the Pre-Professional Diagnostic exam in Edinburg April 6th will be required to bring computers that are fully charged. Please plan on coming to classes twenty minutes early to have a 9 am exam start!

Please check your emails to ensure that you have been sent an activation email with a temporary password to set up your account. On the day of the exam you will be taking the diagnostic MCAT exam that will be found when clicking the “resource” tab. If you have not been emailed please let Dr. Erich Wittmer know ASAP, his email is

The exam will be held in Edinburg on April 6th, starting at 9 am and will end at approximately 1 pm (the exam is a 4 hour block). The following rooms will be available for your examination.


  • EACSB 2.148 -  ( 25)
  • EACSB 2.158  -  (25)


  • EHABW 1.138        (30)
  • EHABW 2.108         (56)
  • EHABW 2.110        (33)
  • EHABW 1.140        (35)
  • EHABW 1.122        (32)

Reminder: this examination is MANDATORY, failure to complete will result in an automatic failure of the course, regardless of students’ grade.

Online Clinical Micro being offered Summer I 2019

If you still need to take clinical microbiology which is a prerequisite for nursing, CLS, and other health majors, the College of Health Professions is now offering Clinical Microbiology in Healthcare fully online for Summer I 2019.   Please register for both Lecture CLSC 2429-01 and Lab CLSC 2429A.  Registration will open March 4, 2019.

Independent Research (IR) courses

Due to the overwhelming requests from BMED students to register for Independent Research (IR) courses in specific faculty labs, the Health and Biomedical Sciences (HABS) office would like to clarify the process to request opening/registering in a new section. 

For students requesting Independent Research (IR) with specific faculty labs:

  • Arrange for a faculty member to send a request to the HABS chair with the IR (course name and number), cap size and employee ID.
  • Once HABS office creates it, the student will be informed via email with instructions so the student can self-register.

*Note: Students cannot be registered in two IR courses at the same time/semester.

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley has been selected as one of the Best Online Master's in Health Science programs for 2018!

Congratulations to the Department of Health and Biomedical Sciences! Their Master of Science in Health Sciences programs has been ranked #7 in the U.S.

Best Online Master's in Health Science Programs

A message from Dr Nair, the Chair of the Department of Health & Biomedical Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Health & Biomedical Sciences!  We offer several programs that provide an excellent education in the health and biomedical sciences, which are suited for careers in health and biomedical science professions, research and education. Intellectual development of the student is enhanced using innovative tools such as technology assisted hybrid courses, team based and case study based interactive classes and hands on research, clinical lab  and clinical site experiences. We believe in an integrated approach to education and research and the faculty and staff are committed to helping students succeed through mentoring and providing opportunities for research in their laboratories. Faculty research includes investigations in neuroscience (neurobiology of addiction, learning and memory, protein trafficking), bioengineering, cancer biology, phylogenetics, medicinal plants, bone health and nutrition, chronic (obesity and diabetes) and infectious diseases and medical education. We are committed to serving Rio Grande Valley through education, research and service.