The Dance Program at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is a diverse, exciting and multi-cultural program that offers undergraduate programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts Degree. It provides a broad coverage of dance training, including dance technique, improvisational and choreographic skills, music for dancers, historical and cultural dimensions of dance, dance production, dance science, and theories of dance. The Dance Program provides students with the opportunity to prepare for a variety of dance careers, offering both a broad base of study and opportunity for more intensive work in areas of specific interest. The multi-cultural emphasis of the program makes it unique among most dance programs offering a curriculum of technique classes in Ballet, Modern, Mexican Folklorico, and Flamenco. The certified teacher preparation program prepares dance educators who are trained in technique, choreography, and instructional methods in a wide array of dance techniques that are aligned with the cultural heritages of the area. The Dance Program has approximately 70 declared majors and numerous dance minors.

Highly visible aspects of dance at UTRGV are the dance performance companies. The nationally and internationally recognized Ballet Folklorico is one of the most active and distinguished organizations on the UTRGV campus. Along with the Ballet Folklorico; the Dance Ensemble, the Ballet Company, and the Cuadro Flamenco, provide live dance concerts, performances, lecture demonstrations, workshops, and expertise to the community-at-large, the state, and the nation.