About Us

UTRGV Counseling Center Staff Picture

The Counseling Center is a place that provides free and confidential counseling services to address mental health concerns and to promote personal growth for currently enrolled UTRGV students.

Counseling is a process that enables a person to grow in a way that s/he chooses. Students may want to change their behavior, thoughts, or lifestyle to increase self-awareness or to remedy a problem. The counselor’s responsibility is to assist the student as s/he works toward achieving those goals for personal growth and development.

Does counseling work?

Research has shown that, in most cases, counseling helps people feel better and resolve problems such as depression, anxiety, sleep difficulty, and other emotional or behavioral difficulties. For college students, counseling helps with emotional adjustment and is associated with improving academic performance. With more serious conditions, it may work best in combination with medication treatment or other forms of help.

How does it work?

Counselors help by listening and discussing issues without judgment. They also encourage problem-solving, educate about and connect students to other resources, and assist students in developing healthier coping skills.

Who provides counseling services?

Counseling services are provided by either licensed mental health professionals or graduate-level interns under the supervision of a licensed counselor.

What counseling services are available for students?

Learn more about our services.

Staff Directory

Name Title Email Campus
Christopher Albert, Ph.D. Director christopher.albert@utrgv.edu Edinburg/Brownsville
Janie Arguelles Administrative Assistant II janie.arguelles@utrgv.edu Edinburg
Rosie Camero Administrative Assistant I rosalba.camero@utrgv.edu Brownsville
Addie Wieland, LCSW, CCTP Supervising Clinical Therapist adelia.wieland@utrgv.edu Edinburg
Andrew Perez, Ph.D., LPC-S Supervising Clinical Therapist andrew.perez02@utrgv.edu Edinburg
Leah Ellis, M.Ed., LPC-S Supervising Clinical Therapist leah.ellis@utrgv.edu Brownsville
Vacant Clinical Therapist Edinburg
Maria Alejandra Mazariegos, M.Ed., LPC Clinical Therapist maria.mazariegos@utrgv.edu Brownsville
VACANT Clinical Therapist - Brownsville
Annette C. Allison, DSW, LCSW Clinical Therapist annette.allison@utrgv.edu Edinburg

Collegiate Recovery Program

Name Title Email Campus
Raymond Salas Program Coordinator raymond.salas@utrgv.edu Edinburg

Cross-Divisional Collaboration

Name Title Email Department Campus
Valerie Rivera, LCSW, CCTP Social Worker valerie.rivera@utrgv.edu School of Medicine Edinburg