Drop/Withdraw Policy

If a student chooses not to attend a class or classes s/he is responsible for officially dropping or withdrawing from the course(s) through the Office of the Registrar. Students who decide not to attend and do not officially complete the drop or withdrawal process through the Office of the Registrar will be responsible for tuition, fees and any other consequences or circumstances resulting from failure to officially drop or withdraw.

Students must not assume that they will “automatically” be dropped from their classes if they do not attend or do not pay. (If a student has requested some form of financial assistance, payment may have been posted to his or her account.) Refer to the published Registration Bulletin for refund schedules.

Withdrawal for military service

A student who withdraws as a result of being called to active military service may choose:

  1. to receive a refund of tuition and fees for the semester
  2. if eligible, to be assigned an incomplete in each course or at the instructor’s discretion receive a final grade in courses where he/she has completed a substantial amount of coursework and has demonstrated sufficient mastery of the course material.