Student Benefits

College Credit!

Dual Credit students can earn college credit while still in high school. As an accredited four-year university, UTRGV awards credit that is accepted at all Texas public institutions of higher learning and most private and out-of-state colleges and universities.

Download the Dual Credit Authorization Form

Scholarship Opportunities!

Completing Dual Credit courses at UTRGV with a high grade point average may provide you with academic recognition that could open the door for academic programs and scholarship opportunities. Also, only Dual Credit students have an opportunity to earn one of the highly competitive University Scholars scholarships!

No Tuition Costs!

Thanks to the Dual Credit MOU between participating school districts and UTRGV, students can take advantage of high quality education at no cost to participating students! That's right, there will be no tuition charged for these courses, but any other cost associated with attending will be the responsibility of the student.

Access to a Wide Selection of Courses!

As a Dual Credit student you will be eligible to take courses from our 42-hour Core Curriculum! All students at UTRGV must complete the Core Curriculum before they can advance to their Academic Major courses, so that means you get an early start!

Understand your Educational Core 

Access to our high-quality services and facilities!

Being on campus will give you easy access to a wide range of UTRGV resources including the library, tutoring services, counseling and advisement, computer labs, athletic events, wellness & recreation facilities and much more!

Online Courses 

In addition to opportunities on campus students have the ability to take advantage of online credit. 

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