Graduation Help Desk

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We are here to help you!

The role of the Graduation Help Desk (GHD) is to help undergraduate students stay on track to graduation and knock down barriers in their way. We work closely with departments, advisors, and students to support student progress at an individual level and for all UTRGV undergraduate students.

The Graduation Help Desk:

  • Advocates for students to graduate on time.
  • Collaborates with departments, advisors, and students to remove barriers.
  • Works with students directly or as referred by staff or faculty who have been unable to find a solution with their departments.
  • Builds on the continued efforts of faculty and staff to help students address graduation concerns.
  • Designs creative solutions to help students get the coursework they need.
  • Ensures that students have access to courses they need in order to fulfill degree plan requirements.
  • Works with academic leadership including the chairs, deans and the provost on cases that require more creative problem solving.

The Graduation Help Desk Does Not:

  • Serve as the first stop for students in need of graduation help. Students should start by working with their major department or academic advisor.
  • Replace the need for a student to receive academic advising.
  • Serve as a “one stop shop” or “catch all” for general complaints, concerns, or referrals.
  • Help students create the ideal course schedule- we instead focus on what they need to graduate!

How Does It Work?

  1. A student, faculty, or staff member identifies an obstacle that may hinder the student’s progression towards graduation.
  2. The student works with their academic advisor, major department/faculty, or other relevant office on campus to explore solutions.
  3. If the student, academic advisor, major department/faculty, or office assisting the student is unable to resolve the problem, it should be elevated to the Graduation Help Desk via
  4. The GHD Team will reply within 24-48 hours to indicate that we will begin working to find a resolution!