STARGATE Student Groups (SGs) Industry Mentoring Program

The STARGATE student groups (SGs) are teams of handpicked students dedicated to the success of the STARGATE project. SGs are engaged in the development of new technologies for space exploration and are mentored by STARGATE faculty and staff as well as our industry partners including SpaceX and JACOBS.

  • STARGATE, with its interest in near and deep space exploration, works at the interface of multiple fields of science, engineering, and business.

  • Students with backgrounds in any of these fields are welcome to apply for consideration in one of the SGs.

  • Students are chosen based on academic performance, reliability, demonstrated proficiency in completing projects, and leadership capability.

  • Programs such as the Arecibo Remote Command Center (ARCC) which emphasizes research and leadership skills, provide an ideal preparation for joining an SG.

  • The first student group, STARGATE SG1, was created in June, 2014.

Student Group 1 (SG1)

  • The first student group STARGATE SG1, was created in June 2014.
  • Currently, there are 4 SGs, each focused on a particular industry related problem.
  • New student groups will continually be created as new opportunities arise.