Equipment List

The STARGATE facility will serve as a space technology “Maker Space” allowing students, faculty, community members, startup companies, and established companies access to high end RF testing and development equipment. The following equipment will be available in the near future:

Equipment List:

Model Number


Agilent E4440A

26.5 GHz Analyzer 

Rohde & Schwarz FSH6

6 GHz Analyzer w/ Tracking Generator and VSWR Bridge

Rohde & Schwarz FSH3

3 GHz Analyzer w/ Tracking Generator and VSWR Bridge

BK Precision 2650

3 GHz Analyzer

BK Precision 2630

1 GHz Analyzer

Agilent 8720ES

20 GHz Vector Network Analyzer with Time Domain Capability

Agilent 85052B

26.5 GHz Mechanical Calibration Kit

NoiseCom UFX 7108

500MHz Programmable Noise Generator


Casper ROACH 2 with Vertex 5 FPGA and 2 Dual 200MHz ADCs

Agilent E8267C

20 GHz Vector Generator (Direct I/Q Modulation)

Anritsu MG3671A

2.75 GHz Vector Generator

HP 8657A

1 GHz Scalar Generator

GW Instek GRG-450B

150 MHz (450 MHz on Harmonics) Scalar Generator

SRS DS3450

30 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Synthesizer

Tektronix TDS2022B

200 MHz Dual Input

GW Instek GOS-6102

100 MHz Dual Input

Netclock 9483

GPS Time Server

Equipment Access:

The STARGATE equipment access program provides researchers from academia, small and large companies, and government with access to STARGATE equipment.

Getting Started

  • Contact the CARA director, Fredrick A. Jenet (, about your interest in using STARGATE equipment.
  • List the instruments needed and the experiments/tests that will be performed.
  • Complete an equipment access agreement (Laboratory Policy, IP, Liability, fees, limit access) between your institution and UTRGV. 
  • Complete administrative steps for physical access to the STARGATE facilities.
  • Schedule safety and equipment training.