Stargate Technology Development

Faculty, staff, and students are participating in the developing of various technologies related to the NewSpace sector. Here are some examples:

Next Generation Radio Frequency Receivers and Transmitters for Satellite Communication, Orbital Tracking, and Space Situation Awareness

Radio Frequency Receiver

  • Based on Phased Array Technology
  • Replaces mechanical dishes with fixed electronics
  • L,S,X Band
  • Digitally Steerable

Low Cost Laser Communication System for Intersatellite Communication

Satellite communications

  • Based on COTS parts
  • Ideally for small satellites

Space Port Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Systems

  • Next Generation Surveillance systems for Isolated/Remote Areas
  • “Off the Grid” technology, no power or internet required
  • Secure monitoring of large areas

“Blue Energy” Power Systems for Space Ports

Blue Energy

  • Extracts energy from ocean waves
  • Ideal for remote places near the ocean (i.e. space ports)
  • Low cost and sustainable

Advanced Algorithm Development for NewSpace

Advanced Algorithm Developmen

  • Software Defined Radio
  • RFI identification and mitigation
  • Spectrum Sharing Radio
  • Spacecraft tracking
  • Orbital debris characterization and monitoring