M.S. in Ocean, Coastal, and Earth Sciences

The School of Earth, Environmental, and Marine Sciences (SEEMS) offers two degrees, the M.S. in Ocean, Coastal, and Earth Sciences (OCES) and the M.S. in Agricultural, Environmental, and Sustainability Studies (AESS). Both multidisciplinary programs provide students with unique integrative education and training experience that prepares them to meet the challenges and opportunities in the multiple dimensions of their chosen field. Graduates will be prepared to take on decision-making positions in a wide range of governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, or private sector organizations.

Degree Plan

OCES Degree Plan

Course Descriptions

OCES Course Description

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Ocean, Coastal, and Earth Sciences MS Program Distribution

Program Coordinator
Dr. Diego Figueroa
Office: BLHSB 1.826
Phone: (956) 882-5982
Email: diego.figueroa@utrgv.edu