Admitted Students

Welcome to UTRGV and to SEEMS!

If you have not already, your first task should be to identify a faculty mentor. You can find a full list of SEEMS faculty members here (SEEMS Faculty Directory). Read about the research and professional interests of our faculty and identify one or a few whose work most closely aligns with your research or professional goals. Then contact the faculty member via email or telephone to introduce yourself and express your interest in working together.

This is a very important decision. You can change your mind later, but doing so can be difficult and may delay your graduation. If you are a thesis student, your faculty mentor (AKA major advisor) will also serve as the chairperson of your thesis committee and will be the faculty member you work most closely with as you conduct your thesis research. If you are a non-thesis student (AESS MS only), your faculty mentor will help you identify and make arrangements for your required professional internship, and will serve as a liaison between UTRGV and your external internship supervisor.

Once you have a faculty mentor, familiarize yourself with your program's degree plan, course descriptions, and capstone requirements. Your faculty mentor will offer important insights into the most relevant or important coursework for your professional development, and will help you develop a two-year plan for completing your capstone requirements.

Introduce yourself to the SEEMS staff, and get to know your fellow graduate students. You will forge many important and long-lasting relationships with your fellow graduate students while at UTRGV.

Register for classes as soon as possible, but discuss your course selections with your faculty mentor or Graduate Program Coordinator first.

For graduate requirements, relevant deadlines, and other information important to graduate students, visit the Graduate College website.

If you have any questions, please contact your cognizant Graduate Program Coordinator: