Research Participation Pool

Required Research Participation for Introductory Psychology Students
All students enrolled in General Psychology PSYC 2301 are required to obtain experience with the methodology of psychological research through participation in psychology studies or through the completion of available equivalent options. A summary of the research requirement is provided below and you will be provided with additional details early in the semester.

The Research Participation Pool (RPP) Manager:
The Research Participation Pool (RPP) Manager is the individual assigned to oversee required research participation of Introductory Psychology students. The RPP Manager provides additional guidance about the process, oversees alternative assignments, and keeps a database of student participation.

Requirements for Introductory Psychology Research Participation:

  1. All students enrolled in General Psychology (PSYC 2301) must complete 4.0 hours of research (or equivalent non-research alternatives) by the deadline provided in the course syllabus. Overall, the required research component of the course will be worth 10% of the possible points in the course. These points will be awarded to students on a prorated basis. For example, students who complete 4 hours of research will be awarded all of the possible research points; those who complete 2 hours of research will be awarded half of the possible research points; etc.
  2. Information about available research studies will be posted on SONA, a cloud-based software system. More details regarding SONA will be given in class.
  3. If you complete 3.5 hours of research without showing up late (or failing to show up at all) for studies, you will be rewarded (credited) with the remaining .5 hours.
  4. You can only use TWO hours of ONLINE research participation toward the required 4.0 hours. You are welcome to participate in more than two hours of online research, but you will only get credit for a maximum of 2 hours.

Alternative methods for obtaining research participation credit:

  1. If you would rather not participate in a research study, you can earn credit through equitable alternative research-related activities.
  2. Details about these alternatives will be provided by the RPP Manager throughout the semester.
  3. Many research studies are limited to adults (age 18 or older). If you are younger than 18, you will still need to earn research credits, but should do so by completing 4 hours of alternative activities.
  4. Participation in research studies is always voluntary. You always have the option of choosing alternative assignments.