Careers in Psychology

Although some students choose to go on to graduate school, many choose to enter the workforce. The basic requirement for a wide variety of jobs in the world of business, government, and many other public and private work domains is a college degree.

Although there are few jobs that advertise specifically for a person with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, students graduating with a Psychology degree generally get jobs in the business world (employee development and training, customer service, office work, management, sales…), education (if they also pursue a teaching certificate), health care and social services (specific counseling tasks, administration, research…), and in government (law enforcement, probation, administrative work…). However, in order to be truly competitive in the workforce, you should prepare yourself throughout your college years for a career that you would find rewarding by taking classes, both within and outside of psychology, related to your career goal and by developing your job-related skills in out-of-class experiences, such as internships.

Registering early, long before your anticipated graduation, with the UTRGV Career Center can also be helpful. The Career Center can assist with your career development and provide the guidance to better prepare you for that career.

There are many resources available that can help you along the way:

  • For further details on careers available to Psychology graduates, visit the APA website’s Psychology as a Career page.