Soma Mukherjee

Professor and Department Chair Soma
Ph.D. University of Calcutta (India), Physics, 1991
Office: ESCNE 1.606A
Phone: (956) 882-6679


Quantum Mechanics PHYS 5340
Electrodynamics PHYS 5320
Computational Physics PHYS 4390
Advanced Statistical Methods PHYS 5394
Special Topics in Physics PHYS 5387
Thesis PHYS 7000 and 7001
Graduate Research PHYS 6396
University Physics II PHYS 2426


Search for gravitational waves (GW) has entered a new era with the discovery of the first GW in September 2015 (announced in February 2016). My research interests include search for GW from core-collapse supernovae (CCSN). My research group explores new methods of enhancing efficiency of search pipelines using an exhaustive catalog of currently available CCSN waveforms . Another direction of my research is Detector Characterization that involves study of the detector noise for statistical characterization, modeling, diagnostics and construction of data quality flags and vetoes. Both lines of research calls for advanced efficient techniques of statistical analysis, high-end distributed computing and development of innovative algorithms. The work is highly computation-intensive and inter-disciplinary in nature that combines collective knowledge of GW experiment, signal processing and statistics and modern developments in computational sciences. I am a member of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC).

Students who have graduated: 

R. Stone (MS Physics. 2004); T. S. Weerathunga (MS Physics, 2010); T. Zhang (MSIS co-supervisor, 2013); P. Rizwan (MSIS, 2013); C. Dannangoda (MS Physics, 2010); R. Obaid (Undergraduate research), W. Wang (MS Physics, 2015), A. Alvarez (MS Physics, 2016).

Current students: 

S. Sitmukhambetov (M.S. Physics, tentative 2017), R. Stone (Ph. D Physics candidate at UT San Antonio (UTSA), (tentative 2017) under the cooperative doctoral program), W. Wang (Ph. D Physics candidate at UT Arlington (UTA) under the cooperative doctoral program).