Karen Martirosyan

Professor Karen Martirozyan
Ph.D. ISMAN-Russian Academy of Sciences and State Engineering University of Armenia, (SEUA), 1991
Office: M1 -210
Lab: SETB-1.414
Phone: 956 882 6736
Email: karen.martirosyan@utrgv.edu


PHYS 3308 Introduction to Nanoscience
PHYS 5387 Special Topics in Physics
PHYS 6396 Graduate Research
PHYS 7300 Thesis I
PHYS 7301 Thesis II
BMED 3224 Independent Research IV
Office hours: T 8:00am-1:00pm


Dr. Martirosyan's research is focused on experimental and theoretical condensed matter physics with a wide range of solid state phenomena at the nanostructured systems. The research focuses on two main areas: first, exploiting high energetic systems to produce novel nano-tailored materials for energy, environmental and biomedical applications; second, elucidating the nano related physical phenomena. Active research is presently being carried out to explore high density nanoenergetic systems, magnetic, ferroelectric, multiferroic, superconductor devices and a variety of contrast agents for biomedical imaging and drug delivery systems. The research involves materials design, fabrication and characterization of physical properties. Dr. Martirosyan have been awarded three times an Air Force Research Laboratory/EGLIN Faculty Research Fellowships and serves as PI and Co-PI for several Federal (NSF, NIH, DOD, AFRL) and State funded research projects and his work has resulted in more than 120 research papers, 8 patents and over 140 presentations at national and international conferences.

For more information: http://www.utrgv.edu/nanoscience/


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