Hamidreza Ramezani

Assistant Professor Ramezani, Hamidreza
Postdoc University of California Berkeley
Ph.D. Wesleyan University, 2013
M.S. University of Tehran, Iran, 2007
B.S. Shahed University, Iran, 2004
Office: Cavalry 207
Phone: 956-882-6648
Email: hamidreza.ramezani@utrgv.edu


PHYS 1401 91L - General Physics I
PHYS 6396 02 - Graduate Research I
PHYS 6350 01 - Mathematical Physics I
PHYS 1402 91L - General Physics II


Dr. Ramezani is the principal investigator of the synthetic waves and materials lab (SWAM). SWAM is an applied physics oriented lab. SWAM research interest is in exotic new synthetic materials and their transport properties and spans over a wide range of physical systems including electronics, acoustics, optics and nanophotonics. Dr. Ramezani is currently seeking highly motivated graduate students to join his group at UTRGV. If you are a new student, interested in joining his group please apply to UTRGV Physics MS program. If you have any question, contact him via email.

Recent Publications

  • H. Ramezani, “Flat band emerging from exceptional point of a PT symmetric system”, arXiv preprint arXiv:1701.00291 (2017)

  • M. Gordi-Armaki, H. Ramezani, M. K. Morravej-Farshi, “Multiple exciton generation in Si and Ge nanocrystals: an ab initio comparative study”, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.7b00512 (2017)

  • H. Ramezani, M. Dubois, Y. Wang, X. Zhang, “Directional excitation without breaking reciprocity”, New J. Phys. 18 095001 (2016)

  • H. Ramezani, Y. Wang, E. Yablonovitch, X. Zhang, “Unidirectional perfect absorber”, JSTQE IEEE, 22 5(2016)

  • C. Shi, M. Dubois, Y. Chen, L. Cheng, H. Ramezani, Y. Wang, X. Zhang, “ Accessing the Exceptional Points of Parity-Time Symmetric Acoustics”, Nature Communications, 7, (2016)