Ahmed Touhami

Associate Professor Ahmed, Touhami
Ph.D. Pierre & Marie Curie University, Paris VI (1994)
Office: M1 2.04 (Brownsville)
Lab: Single Biophysics Lab/ M1 Room 214 (Brownsville)
Phone: (956) 882-6687
Email: ahmed.touhami@utrgv.edu


PHYS 1401, BMED 3223, PHYS 6396.
Office hours: MWF 9:00-11:00 or by appointment


My research interests are in developing and applying new technologies for detecting, tracking, and manipulating individual molecules in living systems. In particular, I am interested in combining surface imaging techniques, optical trapping, magnetic trapping, and single molecule fluorescence techniques to explore the molecular mechanisms behind various biological processes at the single molecule level. The goals are not only to establish a fundamental understanding of living processes at the molecular level but also to help in the development of new biologically-inspired materials. Ongoing Research Project:
  • Bacterial Cell Wall Structures and Dynamics
  • Protein Folding & Aggregation
  • Lipid-Protein Interactions
  • DNA-Protein Interactions

Recent Publications:

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