Point of Pride

“Sky is the limit” when it comes to obtaining a MPA at UTRGV, the graduate program boast many advantages, including the possibility to a lifetime membership with the Pi Alpha Alpha Honor Society an organization that is part of NASPAA (the Network Association of Schools of Public Affairs), which rewards excellence in the public administration field and the improvement in the federal, state or local government pursuits.

 “When you are a member of Pi Alpha it does increase your categories for federal government in the federal sector. Most job interviews ask you if you’re a member of any honor society.” Dr. Aziza Zemrani.

“Pi Alpha Alpha means that our students and faculty have joined a community of scholars concerned with the professional growth and development of the disciplines of public administration and public policy worldwide. As members, we're all thrilled with the organization and what it means for our university community.” Dr. Terrence Garret.