Bachelor of Music BM (EC-12 Teacher Certification)

A professional degree leading toward a career in teaching music, most likely in a public school setting. This degree prepares a student for the Texas state certification exam in K-12 music education. This degree requires a senior recital, coursework in the College of Education, and a semester of student teaching internship in local public school music classrooms.

Bachelor of Music (BM) with a Major in Performance

A professional degree leading the student toward graduate study and/or a career in music performance. This degree requires proficiency in a secondary instrument as well as junior and senior recitals in the major area of study.

Students, in conjunction with their applied teacher, choose to specialize in Music Education or Applied Music upon entrance to the School of Music. Students wishing to change their track from Music Education to Performance (or vice-versa) are subject to the most current degree plan and must audition at the next semester jury.

Degree Plans