UTRGV offers numerous scholarships as well as other forms of financial aid. Music Scholarships are based upon musical talent and potential as displayed through a music entrance/scholarship audition. Scholarship auditions take place on the UTRGV campus during the Spring semester but can also be scheduled at any time during the year by contacting the School of Music and the appropriate applied music faculty member. Please see the music faculty listings to contact the appropriate faculty member. In order to receive a scholarship all students must be enrolled full-time (12 hours) and be a Music Major. 

Contact the School of Music Office for more information at 956-665-3471 or apply to one of our Endowment Scholarships.


Endowments Scholarship

  • Christopher and Vivian Munn Choral Scholarship
  • John Anderson Music Scholarship
  • Edinburg Musical Club
  • Ruth and Homer Morris Scholarship
  • Charles and Maude Maugrean Scholarship
  • Addington Endowed Scholarship
  • Roberto Pulido Scholarship
  • Dianne Brumley Endowed Scholarship of Choral Music Excellence
  • Endowed Music Scholarship for Guitar
  • Endowed Scholarship for Strings
  • George Truan Scholarship Endowment
  • James D. and Gloria Zellerbach Music Scholarship for Piano Performance
  • James D. and Gloria Zellerbach Music Scholarship for Vocal Performance
  • Jane Kelley Williamson Scholarship Endowment for Mariachi Education
  • Mairaurora Arrese Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • Oris Robertson Scholarship Endowment
  • Robert E. and Mary L. McNabb Endowment
  • Robert Pulido Music Scholarship Endowment
  • Sjoerd Steunebrink Endowment
  • The Brownsville Society of Performing Arts W. Siegel Scholarship