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AACSB LogoThe MBA program will open the doors to a variety of new job opportunities. An MBA degree adds marketability by providing business and leadership skills applicable to any industry. The program is highly customizable with numerous specializations to choose from. On average, MBA degree-holders earn 50% more than those with a bachelor’s degree.

The program is designed to meet the career needs of those who:

  • Wish to enhance their professional opportunities in executive or administrative positions in business, industry, government, and service industries.
  • Seek to broaden their knowledge in the functional business areas to increase effectiveness and self‐assurance in their management abilities.
  • Are initiating their own business or business career.
  • Are preparing to seek admission to a doctoral program.



The accelerated online delivery comprises of seven-week modules where courses are offered online on a rotating carousel basis. All of these courses are accredited by Quality Matters which ensures the utmost quality in online technologies and education. The program consists of 36 credit hours that are offered entirely online. Students can register for one or two courses in each seven-week module and can begin the program in any of the six start dates each calendar year, as specified by the Graduate College Calendar.



The traditional face-to-face delivery format provides students with advanced knowledge in a multicultural business environment with the goal of enhancing their business and administrative careers. Classes are offered across our two main campuses: Edinburg, Brownsville and its environs.


Luis LealWhat surprised me the most about the MBA program at UTRGV was the diverse background of my classmates. I met peers working in human resources, higher education administration, plant managers, healthcare administrators, and so forth. Such diversity made case studies and group projects very dynamic, and the outcome was always mind-blowing. Faculty, rather than just teaching, was always open to conversation and collaborating to reach the best possible outcome.

Luis Leal

Masters of Business Administration



The accelerated & 100% online MBA program provides students the flexibility to customize their MBA degree to fit their current and long-term goals with 8 specialization options. 

The MBA Specialization in accounting allows you to become an informed strategic user of accounting information. The program focuses on an analysis of the internal and external reporting implications of transactions, events, and circumstances related to the design, implementation, and evaluation of an entity’s strategic choices. The courses will help you develop an expertise in the reporting and measurement of economic transactions, the design of managerial accounting systems, and the use of managerial and financial accounting for risk assessment, resource allocation and performance evaluation. A particular emphasis is placed on industry-specific analyses and hands-on assignments using data from audited financial statements.

The MBA Specialization in Business Analytics allows students to choose three electives from among the courses available in the Master of Science in Business Analytics program. These courses prepare managers in all contexts to solve problems which require the application of sophisticated business analytics techniques. Topics include R and Python, data visualization, data mining, decision modeling and optimization methods, machine learning, text mining, social media analytics, health information analytics, information security analytics, spreadsheet modeling, and enterprise analytics. These courses heavily emphasize hands-on skills in data analytics, using cases and examples drawn from real-world organizations in many domains.

The Entrepreneurship specialization will provide students the necessary skills to launch a new business. Students will learn how to evaluate the viability of new businesses ventures. In addition to learning how to form and fund new business ventures. The program also helps students already working within a company recognize new market opportunities and act as intrapreneurs.

The MBA with a concentration in Financial Planning prepares you to help others meet their financial goals.

The MBA Healthcare Administration specialization exposes students to management and analytical decision-making in business settings and skills essential in the healthcare professions. Students can choose from a variety of coursework covering health care accounting, financial management, human resources management, health management information systems, and marketing. Graduates of the specialization have found managerial positions in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and government healthcare agencies.

The MBA Specialization in Human Resource Management (HRM) exposes students to employment law, Global HRM, HRM in health care, and organizational leadership and change. The specialization prepares managers to analyze personnel administration functions such as recruitment, selection, compensation, and training & development. Students will gain insight to examine HR functions for expatriates and other international assignees, as well as for health care administration. Also, students will develop a personal leadership philosophy that incorporates managing change.

International Trade refers to the need for businesses to conduct operations on a global scale in order to overcome the saturation of national markets and expand market share. The international Trade concentration will give MBA students a greater understanding of the Political, Economic, Cultural and Legal complications that cross border trade creates and give them a framework to better navigate this complex environment.

The MBA Specialization in marketing allows you to combine the breadth of your MBA degree with an in-depth specialization in marketing. Modern marketing isn’t about gut feelings and guesses, it’s about combining research and data with strategy and creativity. The marketing electives will help you develop the necessary expertise in marketing analytics, social media marketing, service strategy, and an enhanced understanding of consumers. The courses emphasize hands-on skills development using exercises, cases, and practical applications from current and relevant organizations.


David Lee ElizondoI really enjoyed my time as a graduate student in the MBA program at UTRGV. In the program, I gained invaluable knowledge which I was able to apply in a practical setting. In addition, the program exposed me to real-world challenges of businesses with the goal of assisting said entities to become more effective and efficient. Obtaining my MBA from UTRGV provided me the opportunity to excel in my career.

David Lee Elizondo

Masters of Business Administration


These graduate certificate programs have been designed to address the increasing need for people with advanced knowledge and skills in the growing field of business, entrepreneurship, and international trade.

The Certificate in Advanced Business Administration is awarded to professionals that complete a series of courses about the fundamentals of business concepts, theories and practices. Students who earn the certificate will be prepared to apply the learned concepts to real business administration situations in a variety of industries. Individuals that do not hold a business undergraduate degree will find the certificate program to be great preparation for the MBA program. 
The Certificate in Health Care Administration and Leadership is a graduate program designed to prepare students to plan, direct, coordinate, and deliver healthcare services. The Certificate Program consists of 12 credit hours of courses emphasizing administrative and leadership skills in the health care industries. 
The Pre-MBA certificate provides access to the MBA program for motivated students who may not meet clear admission to the MBA. The Pre-MBA Graduate Certificate includes three MBA courses in accounting, finance, and statistics that are foundational to the MBA curriculum. Meeting the Progression Requirements of the Pre-MBA Certificate will signal student readiness for the rigor of the MBA degree program. 


Gabriela NunneryI wanted to increase my knowledge in management, but also improve my English skills for the American marketplace. An advantage of a Master’s degree is that it expands your choices for a career path. Not only you build a strong network of connections who can introduce you to your next job, but you also acquire the discipline to take on any new challenges.

Gabriela Nunnery

Masters of Business Administration