Early Care and Early Childhood Studies, BS (Non-Certification)

UTRGV’s Bachelor of Science in Early Care and Early Childhood Studies (ECECS) is a non-certification program which prepares highly skilled professionals for meaningful careers that focus on early childhood development. Research increasingly underscores the importance of early childhood education and development which has led to the increasing demand for high quality early care and education and an increasing demand for early childhood specialists in a variety of early childhood settings. Early childhood specialists have a tremendous influence on shaping young children’s future by helping them to thrive, learn, and transition successfully to elementary school and by advocating for quality early care.

Intended Audience

If you are interested in the development of children from birth to age 5 and in working in public and private daycare centers, community-based preschools, state/federally-funded preschools (Head Start and Teaching Mentoring Communities), and child development centers as a teacher or director, this degree is for you.

Program Requirements

Early Care and Early Childhood Studies (BS) Non-certification
Bachelor of Science Degree Plan
Early Care and Early Childhood Studies (BS)    

Employment opportunities

Employment of preschool teachers/administrators has been expected to grow 17 percent between 2012 to 2022. This expected growth is partly due to the continued emphasis on the importance of early childhood education. In addition, there is an increasing population of children between ages 3 to 5. (Occupational Handbook, Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Opportunities for collaboration and growth

Students enrolled in the BS in ECECS non-certification program will have opportunities to participate in:

  • UTCARES: an early childhood student organization that provides opportunities for professional development and volunteering
  • Local and Regional conferences
  • Community events
  • Collaboration with community partners

Contact Information

Please contact the the ECECS program coordinator, if you have any questions or need further information. 

Program Coordinator: Dr. Vejoya Viren, Associate Professor

Phone: (956) 882-8886

E-mail: vejoya.viren@utrgv.edu

Brownsville Campus: BMAIN 2.106


Watch this space for upcoming news on exciting new learning opportunities In the BS in ECECS program!