Program Description

The Program: The BSNS program will consist of two defined learning tracks.  The general education courses total to 42 hours, program core includes 58 hours and each track has 20 hours of specific courses. To graduate from the program all the general education course, core course and the respective track related courses have to be completed.

Tracks include:

1) Nutrition is the traditional track including basic, integrative, community and clinical nutritional knowledge and skills, education and counseling. It is the track used to practice as a nutritionist with a baccalaureate degree or enter a Master’s level Dietetics Program. Job opportunities include: Nutritionist/ Health Educator, State Health Department, Food Service Management, Animal nutritionist in pet food industry, zoo, Lab animal nutrition companies, Advocate Public Health Official. BS-Nutritional Sciences Concentration Nutrition Roadmap

2) Nutrition and Fitness students are educated with a combination of nutrition and exercise science subjects including physical fitness, physiology, testing and nutrition/diet prescription for wellness and sports performance, preparing students for careers in sports fitness and nutrition. Advocate Public Health Official, Family and Consumer Scientist/Writer, Health Advisors, Health Instructors. BS-Nutritional Sciences Concentration Nutrition and Fitness Roadmap