Program Description

BS in Biomedical Sciences Format

BS in Biomedical Sciences Program

The Department of Biomedicine at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) is pleased to offer an updated BMED Program, which launched in fall 2015. The new program features many unique opportunities including hands-on mentorship by our amazing faculty members, the ability to participate directly in cutting edge biomedical research, an academic support system, and coursework taught by caring professors invested in your success.  Additionally, the BMED program offers extensive student support services all aimed at helping students succeed in the rigorous BMED curriculum.  These services include a dedicated Program Manager , instructional facilitator, tutors and peer mentors, among other things. The core goal of the BMED program is student success. It is course-based with embedded competency elements to help prepare students for medical school, graduate school and post-undergraduate careers in the health sciences fields.

  • Format: Portions of the coursework and academic resources will be delivered online.  In addition to the online component, students will attend face to face weekly classes with faculty and participate in face-to-face coached study hours and team building courses, all meant to enhance learning. 
  • Innovative curriculum design:  Our faculty has spent years redesigning courses that integrate topics and other materials to ensure your understanding, as well as prepare you for success in medical school, graduate school, or a health sciences profession.
  • Enhanced student services:  In addition to the wealth of student services offered by UTRGV, BMED students will have a robust community of support available to them.  BMED students will receive valuable  advising via a dedicated  Program Manager who will help you get the most out of your education. In addition, the program will offer Instructional Facilitator, tutors and peer mentors who work closely with the faculty of record to assist students in their studies in order to achieve academic excellence. 
  • Student Research, Clinical and Volunteering opportunities: Students get experiential learning opportunities through our Independent Research coursework, Biomedical Freshman Research Initiative, Clinical opportunities (competitive) and Volunteering through our various Student led Organizations such as Medical Brigades.


Frequently Asked Questions for our Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences Program (BMED).